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Paul Berna - The Street Musician - FIRST EDITION

Paul Berna - The Street Musician - FIRST EDITION

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Paul Berna's The Street Musician.

Bodley Head 1960 FIRST EDITION . Hardback. Translated from the original French by John Buchanan-Brown. Illustrated throughout by Richard Kennedy.

Why should anyone want to dye a large and amiable mongrel dog black? And why should a mysterious blind stranger play one particular song on his accordion through every street in Louvigny? To Gaby and his Gang, finding the answers to these questions was a heaven-sent diversion from a summer of boredom, providing them with six weeks of intensive sleuthing.

Set in the suburbs of Paris and full of wonderful and evocative illustrations, this might be the perfect summer read.

Condition: Ex Eastbourne School Library with plenty of attached ephemera and stamps to prove it. Covered in protective plastic. The tape holding it on has yellowed and stained the first and last pages but has done its job of protecting the original dust jacket. Clean inside. Looking very good for its 64 years.

Dimensions: 7.5" x 5"

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